Trip to Best Buy

Today I ordered a SanDisk 64gb Ultra Plus on line through it was 17.99. They Texted me when my order was ready. When I arrived to

Best Buy

I went to the pick up counter to get my  memory card. I cant wait to try this card out. 

Rest in Peach

On Black Friday November 23rd 2018 my Daddy passed away. He was and always will be my best friend. He will be missed by so many. His favorite holiday was Christmas. He looked just like Santa. He has even been told that he looked more like Santa thn he did (lol). He left 2 daughters 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. He also had a brother left that he had longer talked to. He was born 1/8/1951 in Medford WI. 

Hello world!

Welcome to Hanging with Daddy’s Little Girl. This is a site that will have a lot of different things. I enjoy a bunch of different hobbies. I will be posting about cooking, hiking, crafts and a lot more. If there is anything you are looking for or wanting to see let me know. DLG