Celabriting Timothy Wimer and Christmas

My son daughter in law and my granddaughter 12/25/2018

We left town about 12:45 pm. Which was not bad when we said that we were going to be gone by 12pm. We ended up taking 2 cars. I was in the first car we took 5 in my car in the beginning. The other car had 3 people. Heading to Page Springs. Page Springs is where my Dad spent a lot of his time when I was younger. This is the first Christmas without my dad, and this is how we wanted to celebrate it with him.

The weather was great it was about 58 degrees fahrenheit. The sky was clear and and water was running perfectly. It was a great day. The kids all getting along and we could do this together. We made our first stop at QT to get fuel, drinks and snacks. I filled both cars with gas and bought a few drinks for my car. One of the other guys had a great idea to buy beer for when we get up there but we had already left.

Traffic was not to bad on the way up we stayed with the flow of traffic and made it to the Pilot in Cordes Junction about 1:146 pm. this is where we picked up some beer and found out that my son forgot diapers. Now that was funny he thought he was going to get them at the gas station on the side of the Interstate, in the middle of almost nowhere. They did not but they did have ones that would fit my other granddaughter. Now remember this is Christmas so no where is open in these small towns but to find something open was going to be fun. we drove to Cottonwood where I found a CVS that was open thank goodness for that we really could not make it without those.

Pictures taken on ONEPLUS 6T

We head back on the road heading to Page Springs. The day is so good all is great. We park on the side of the road and walked down to the Oak Creek River. There we all said our goodbyes to my dad. We spent about 45 minutes there relaxing and talking. We all walked back to the cars and the 2 cars went on their separate ways.

My car, we went to Flagstaff via Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Now that just made the day even better all that beautiful Red Rock. I love the pine trees and the mountains but I hate the snow. I have a dream to live in an R.V. and travel for the rest of my life if I could i would just do it now. We get to Flagstaff and it is starting to get dark and we are all starving. I wanted Cracker Barrel but they were not open. We ended up at the Denny’s we get there and the parking lot is full we are like it is going to be a long wait. We go inside they get us a table right away for 5. Well, our table would have held 8 but not all came sadly.
We all ended up getting breakfast. I thought that was funny cause everyone said I need dinner. Our food was good it did take a bit to get it due to the holiday.

On the way home we got stuck in a huge back up. There was a multi car wreck, that had the road backed up for miles. Three of the boys got out of the car and walked to the wreck but could not see anything they must have had it all cleaned up before they got there cause when I caught up the wreck was gone. It was a great trip and I love my family. Family is not just blood.

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