Pokemon Crocheted

I love to crochet Pokemon and other characters. I sell them for $15 each and I also do special orders.

These are just a few of the ones that I have done and that I may have ready and available today.

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  1. Beautifully made, love it to bits. Very versatile toy, can be used everywhere, pram, car seat traditional it is . Back in 1990, not many online classes, or any workshops or any youtube tutor. My first crocheted item is a beanie with very funny shapes 🙂 back in 1997. I carried on with my study and teaching career during 15 years after that, having a PhD in linguistics. In cold winters of Australia where i first came to do my PhD in 2002, my entertainment is to make crochet infinity scarves to send to my loved ones. Now after a whole career with teaching, at 38 I had my first baby, and during my pregnancy, the first gift i can think of is a crocheted glove for the little one. I also start making more crochet dolls, not only for my sons, but also to feel happy and find myself back the joy of making these pretty crochet items. I love pretty handmade thing, especially crochet as it can t be duplicated by machine . So you can be assured that, as my customers, you will be rewarded with pretty crochet items. I don t often want to sell a product if i myself find it imperfect. This Sydney-based Etsy wood and toy shop helps me to produce the wooden baby gym for my shop. I sell crochet toys to hang on these baby gym and combine it together to make a set of baby gym. This shop is also on Etsy.

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